The Team


Avalon Art Carnival is a collaborative project produced by a team drawn from Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber, Eramboo artists environment, and Pittwater Council’s Enliven Pittwater initiative and headed up by public art specialist Kendal Henry.

Kendal Henry

Kendal Henry is best described as a cultural engineer. He is an expert at creating symbiotic relationships between artists, community, business and other cultural assets to address issues of social engagement, civic pride and economic development.

With 25 years of experience as artist, administrator and curator in this highly specialised field Kendal is able to navigate the nuanced relationships between artists and collaborators to achieve the desired outcomes. This task been successfully achieved through the range of projects and programs he’s initiated, from multimillion-dollar permanent artworks to weekend festivals, throughout Australia, North America, Russia, Asia, Central Asia, and the Caribbean.


Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse

Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse, whose projects have won numerous awards, work as artists and curators in the public domain, the natural environment and galleries.

Their art practice, spanning over twenty years has reached diverse audiences and communities introducing art into everyday life.  They step into a number of roles as curators, strategists, planners, writers, designers and artists enjoying a collaborative approach to each place and its cultural layers.  They see public art’s roles as drivers for place making, commercial vibrancy, well being, innovation, social activation and environment. 

Susan and Greg are currently Co Artistic Director and founder of Eramboo Artist Environment located in Terrey Hills. Eramboo is a not for profit multi disciplinary art organization that offers studios spaces, exhibition / installation venues and a professional development program for artists.

For this project they are interested in the collaborative approach between artists and so called non-artists as a hothouse for exchange and growth. They see the role of artists, diversifying from exhibitors in the white cube, to activists in the community and neighbourhood.


Jayne Denshire

Jayne is the project manager for Avalon Art Carnival: THE GAME, responsible for managing the logistical and promotional aspects of the event. As a member of the Executive Committee, Jayne represents the Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber in the project.

Jayne has a background in marketing, publishing and events, and as a local Bilgola resident, is committed to boosting engagement within the local Avalon community through events such as the art carnival.


Carnival team

Students from UNSW’s creative arts courses have been invaluable in helping get Avalon Art Carnival off the ground. Thanks to:

  • Amy Roser (artists liaison, operations)
  • Grace Ng (graphic design)
  • Isabella Kuan (graphic design)
  • Zhe Zhang
  • Elle Picton (social media and operations)
  • Jess Long (social media, and video documenting)
  • Amelia Donges (volunteer co-ordinator)

Graphic design

  • Millie Prangnell

Website design