Miss Rouge

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Stephanie Powell

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Bit by bit I have been working at getting all the necessary painting done for my piece- "Game Face". As I glue and drill my cds and gaming controls to the head Im worried about vandalism. Im crossing my fingers that it will last for the duration of the Carnival untouched. I was fortunate to have found some unwanted xbox controls and even an old playstation that I have been able to incorporate in the brain of the gamer. The last step will be varnishing everything and attaching the lights. I hope youenjoy the finished face1_n.jpg

game face_n.jpgxboxc_blk_productdetails.jpg

Location and Ideas

Posted by editor on April 9, 2015

Firstly I would like to give you a little bit of my background. From an early age I knew I wanted to do something artistic but I didnt know what that would be. I studied fashion design but after years of hard work I got bored. I have always drawn and painted a bit but over the last year my art practice has become more serious. I have never been 'mainstream' and so the thought of stepping outside the gallery and bringing my art to an audience that would not normally go to a gallery is very appealing. I am currently working mostly with recycled materials and I love the look of surprise when they discover I have done with other people trash. 

I have dabbled a bit in public art. Last year I did an art bombing event in Dee Why. I created a table and chairs and a large DY covered in synthetic grass that lit up at night. One of the best parts of the event was when people would sit and have coffee at my table and become part of the artwork.

When the opportunity arose to work with Kendal Henry in a public art event I of course jumped at the chance. We have only been work-shopping for 2 days and we have done a site tour and brainstormed our ideas. Kendal and the other artists artists all help to stretch our practice. Its great to get feedback before the event rather than after which is normally the case.

I am excited by the possibilities. One thing is for sure. Avalon will be a very different place for a couple of weeks in November. There may be a few surprises.Dee Why_n.jpgKendaln.jpgKendal4_n.jpgNature vs Culture Stephanie Powell.jpg

Brainstorming concepts

Posted by editor on April 9, 2015

Today was my first day at the Art Carnival and it was wonderful to meet Kendal and the other participating artists. After a day of brainstorming ideas and discussing everyone's concepts - and what great concepts there were bring thrown onto the table - I came away very inspired! 


We were asked to think about what carnival and games mean, and how we want people to think when they view/interact with our artworks. 

For me the idea of 'Carnival' elicits Venice and its carnivale, and is indicative of masquerade, the masks we hide behind and use as an excuse to disengage or manipulate or even bully. Masks provide an allure, a mystique, anonymity, mystery, arousal, danger, excitement - so many mixed emotions.

In thinking about the game and what that means, what distinguishes a game from play is structure. Play is an element of a game, but games have a framework with rules and a defined goal. Achieving the goal ends the game; play is endless.


As an interaction designer, my mantra with my work is that the product or piece is not finished until someone is using it effectively. This approach also informs my art practice, as I like to create pieces that require audience participation either to be completed or to be created. 

What I want to do with my art is to challenge people to think outside of their comfort zones. I'm interested in exploring identity and belonging within community and the role society, empathy, compassion and tolerance play in this. I'm intrigued with behavioural sciences and how different situations and messaging can affect or change our behaviour and attitudes. I'm also interested in exploring how people interact with both the artwork and each other in developing the work or changing the narrative and outcome. 

One idea I want to explore that ties all of these concepts together, is a reinterpretation of an old and well-known game: chess. Yoko One created a white chess set as a win-win game statement - which I love! In my game, the pieces would not be regular chess pieces; each would be given a label or character, based on the types of people society deems to either be political pawns (for example, refugees, aboriginees, single parents and health care workers) or powerful players (such as celebrities, media moguls, politicians and advertising spin doctors). What I want to do is use a game that is strategic, tactical and often ruthless as a metaphor for playing not just a game, but with people's lives. Who are the power brokers? Who are the pawns? The point to chess is that to gain advantage, you must sacrifice those from your own team. Who would you sacrifice in order to win the game?

My initial idea was to have one side with the pawns and power players as deemed above, and the other side with them flipped. But I'm not sure as yet how to best execute the idea. It could be a performance piece, with people in costume or simple black and white printed t-shirts as the 'pieces' and elaborately costumed callers/MC's as the 'players'. Should the 'pieces' be masked or unmasked? Will this change how they play? Should the 'players' be masked or unmasked? Can the audience also participate as 'pieces' or 'players'? Should they get to choose which they are or should they be assigned a random character to play?

Is the framework of chess counter-intuitive to the objective (ie to step into the shoes of someone else and play as them, to gain empathy and understanding)? Is it too obviously polarising from the outset? Too aggressive? Perhaps the rules for this chess game need to be rewritten; perhaps all the pawns are on one team and all the power pieces are on the other team. Maybe the aim is to create a balance in which all in the team are on an equal footing. Perhaps rather than each side fighting the other to win, the aim is to work together to achieve a shared goal. Maybe the participants need to come up with the rules and objectives? Perhaps it's chess but with the rules of a different game that encourages players to work together to gain advantage?

It was also great to wander around Avalon, view the potential sites and get a feel for it's Avalon-ness. I'm feeling very excited and encouraged, despite having more questions than answers after today! Can't wait for the next part. Bring it on!


Site Visits in Avalon

Posted by admin on April 8, 2015


Fabulous first day for me to meet the other Artists being part of the Art Carnivale!~ I can't wait to learn more about all artists involved and their ideas for the project. My name is Angela van Boxtel, I'm a Manly Artist & Eco Designer, you can find more about my work at or read my blog at

I also wrote a piece about my experience today and what I discovered in Avalong Village you can read that by clicking here!~


Welcome to all Artists and Art Lovers

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Hello reader and fellow artist.
This is the first Blog and is really an introductory.

Over the next weeks and months various artists involved in the Art Carnival Eramboo will share with us about how their art project is developing.
This blog is available for all artists involved to leave their thoughts and processes regarding their art project involved and for the world to read.

Hope to read lots!

The Art Carnival Web Team