Sylke Claridge


Pittwater Timeline
Surfboard Timeline
The project is a collaborative effort with Aboriginal elders and three artists Jess Birk, Julie Janson and Sylke Claridge to honour the history and settlement on Pittwater as early as 25,000 years ago.

First was the land.

Then came the Aboriginal people with their unique skillsets and way of life in harmony with the land.

Then came the European settlers …

For a time there was some harmonious co-existence between the settlers and Aboriginal people – some Indigenous clans, such as the family as Chief Bungaree and Queen Matora held high status in the colonial period. They were close friends of Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

Their story is being told on the Surfboard timeline and the settlement of Avalon.
The surfboards will be arranged in a circle evocative of Guringai Dreamtime site circles – mythical – full of strength and the tip of the surfboards remind us of spearheads.


Picasso said ‘I don’t paint as I see, I paint as I think’.

Painting is not a theoretical exercise – painting is life. It is the extension of an idea, a wish which comes true through the execution of mind, bodywork and spiritual awareness. It then becomes one of the very few pure things in life and has an existence in its own right.

I draw and paint en plein air – the light of Balmoral always lures me back, the Hawkesbury, recently in Paris, The Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre  – everywhere.

I then work in my studio with the goal to fuse the tactile with spiritual truth, to infuse my artwork with energy. Colour and movement create an emotional resonance, a fusion of the air, land and zeitgeist.

At last the artwork has to have a life of its own.