Selena Griffith


Rockpool Tic-Tac-Toe
Rockpool Tic-Tac-Toe evokes the best memories of summer holiday play. Long days of splashing at the ocean’s edge, on the sand and poking around rock pools finding treasures in each unique wet world. Parting the seaweed to uncover shells, crabs and unusual sea creatures, dodging blue bottles and tickling anemones, the excitement of spotting an elusive leafy sea dragon or rock octopus. All this is balanced by calm warm evenings or relaxing wet days filled with playing simple games at the table or on the floor. Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, cards, tic-tac-toe. Each rock pool in this game is a square of a 3 x 3 game grid, each is filled with a unique bio-system. You can engage as deeply with this work as you like – look close to examine the rock shelf life or just chill with the giant star fish in a game of tic-tac-toe.

Avalon Selfi3
Avalon Selfi3 explores the mass uptake of social media as a way of connecting and sharing, and its virtual role in social ‘play’. It is a participatory work that will be developed over the course of the Avalon Art Carnival. The artist will 3D scan and print up to 150 volunteer Avalon locals and visitors and map their connections to Avalon, Avalon Village and each other. The resulting social map will highlight the ‘play’ hot spots of Avalon. This work will be displayed as it progresses and people will be able to interact with its production via FaceBook and Instagram. Participants will receive a 3D print of themselves as a thank you for being involved in the project. 



Selena Griffith is a designer and academic interested in the roles creative practitioners can play in mapping our futures. She believes that design methods can be used to solve most problems in innovative ways and that designers make excellent change-makers.

Her interest in creating positive futures through transformative design thinking has led her to produce teaching tools and methods to assist with developing innovation, collaboration, co-creation and design thinking skills.

Selena researches in Design, Management, Sustainability, Collaboration, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Futures and Education. She also helps organisations effectively utilise design to deliver more sustainable products and services.

As co-founder of Social Innovation Sydney, Co-Producer of Live Futures 2020, Co-Founder of Island Innovation Lab and director of Creation Nation Selena brings together innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds to stimulate discourse and co-create action around endemic sustainability issues. She has curated a number of collaborative cross-disciplinary exhibitions with environmental themes.