Mirre van Dalen


View boxes

Mirre van Dalen has a playful way of creating different work, often finding their roots in childhood. For these view-boxes Mirre's starting point was the ‘diorama’ which you may remember making in primary school. These wooden view-boxes are like an 'advanced diorama’.

Each box has an individual story inside, which interacts with a viewing point in Avalon.

They are located in different spots, see if you can find all 6 boxes and perhaps smile or have a think what the little stories mean to you.


Mirre grew up in the Netherlands where she studied at Stenden University in Leeuwarden gaining a degree in Art Psychotherapy.  She began a Fine Arts degree before moving to Sydney, Australia.  Over the last 13 years she has developed her art practice in Sydney, using painting, mixed media and installations to explore pain and beauty of our human existence.

Mirre has been involved in different exhibitions and her constant pursuit of better expression led her to performing and installation art. In 2011, Mirre recreated her piece ‘Zwarte Bloem’, a video installation for the re-opening of the Conny Dietzschold gallery in Sydney’s CBD.

This year Mirre exhibited at ‘Conny Dietzschold Gallery’ and ‘Eramboo’, showing her latest work ‘white series’.