Mandy Schöne -Salter


‘Imagine’ is an artwork, which consists of large sheets of paper to create a mural revealing patterns and a photographic image.
Patterns are all about repetition, the repartition of simple forms that unfold into complex and potentially infinite systems. They are part of the visual complexity of contemporary existence.
For Art Carnival I will design a wallpaper like pattern as a background.
Adhered over the repetitive pattern will be a large paper paste-up image to complete the mural.  Paste up is a form of street art and in this artwork consists of a photograph printed on large paper. Often I choose an image of a person to suit a specific site or theme.


Mandy Schöne-Salter is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, printmaking, street art and community art.

In early 2013 Mandy decided to use her photography on a bigger scale, turning her photographs into large paste-up installations. Since then her street-art has decorated walls around Sydney and in Germany. Her images were included at the BEAMS Arts Festival and the “Street Art Walk” in Katoomba. Schöne-Salter has overseen multiple youth workshops for Marrickville and Penrith City Council.

Recently Mandy, who also works under the pseudonym MAN.De began turning some of her paste-up images into stencils to create more permanent art for outdoor spaces.