Louise Whelan


Alchemy of Waste
This work in the form of large scale photographs and sculptural installation explores environmental issues around waste, with particular reference to relationships with the plastic water bottle.

I am using Alchemy both as a metaphor and physical process.

This photographic installation merges consumer remnants with natural phenomena, making reference to interactive effects of anthropogenic disruptions. The plastic formations are photographed in natural light representative of elements of nature; alluding to macro cell division, molecular entities, waves, tidal movement, the solar system, lunar, astronomical and cosmic notions. A water waste aesthetic emerges.


Louise is a visual artist with photo-media base.  Her multidisciplinary approach spans photo-media, projection, video art and installation. Much of her practice draws inspiration from environmental and humanitarian issues, and her interest in the aesthetics of memory.

Louise is widely published and exhibited. She photographs for the state libraries of NSW and WA and the National Library of Australia. Louise has more than 30 national and international awards to her name.


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