Linda Haigh


Barefoot Labyrinth
The Barefoot Labyrinth, laid in the grass and edged with angophora branches, extends an invitation to take a few minutes for contemplation as you follow the path to the centre. 

Labyrinths are building and walking them, we participate in a very ancient ritual that can be experienced as magical, (especially if you're a kid!) meditative, transformative, playful, and healing.  This builds connection with our intuition, our collective human wisdom, and our Mother Earth.  Or, if you like science, it enhances right brain activity.

You can carry a dream or a question into the Barefoot Labyrinth, perhaps find a message, and leave a talisman to add to a communal testament of everyone who has walked it.


Having had a massage and psychotherapy practice for almost twenty years, Linda closed this chapter when she became a mother. Her daughter became the recipient of all that hands-on energy (lucky kid!), until the day when clay presented itself as a medium which could cheerfully and gracefully absorb, forgive, and adapt to Linda’s creative mouldings (her daughter, by then, having had about enough of it!)

As well as sculpting, Linda loves reassembling nature's weathered relics into sculptured forms. She works from her home studio in Avalon, and founded the Pittwater Artists Trail for home studios six years ago.

The pieces that emerge from her studio most often express the ‘sacred feminine’ – aspects of earth, ocean, mother, heart.

Angophora Nest