Leonie Barton


Hide and Seek
Each daily ephemeral artwork must connect with itself, through shape, line, texture or colour to create something visually pleasing and thus ultimately connect with the viewer and in doing so, get them to see everyday objects, that might normally go unnoticed, in a different way. I hope it encourages everyone to slow down and look more carefully at the beautiful environment of Pittwater that we live in.


Leonie Barton began her working life in the film industry and then went on to open an art supplies store in order to have a studio. Wanting to immerse herself in a creative life, Leonie sold the store to become a full time practicing visual artist who paints and illustrates backgrounds for an international photographer. Her own body of work for 2015 focuses on creating a daily ephemeral artwork, with objects and natural materials, found only in that moment. 

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