Julie Hickson


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A defining moment for Australian artist Julie Hickson was experimenting with making stencils to add forms to her painting. Ten years later she is still developing this technique and using it to explore line and space on canvas.

“I have always been drawn to organic line, shape and colour - and a love of both painting and printmaking has led me to pursue this technique which for me combines the best qualities of both.”

The process starts with design, which as for linoblock work, must follow a set of rules to succeed. A stencil must have its own structural integrity for it to literally hold together.

“There is something about having an intermediate layer between the canvas and the brush and paint that I love. Watching that stencil peel back is always a revelation.”


Julie Hickson makes original artwork using hand-cut stencils.
She has had several solo shows, group shows and is a member of the Pittwater Artists Trail.