Irene Gorman


Barefoot Labyrinth
The Barefoot Labyrinth, laid in the grass and edged with angophora branches, extends an invitation to take a few minutes for contemplation as you follow the path to the centre. Labyrinths are building and walking them, we participate in a very ancient ritual that can be experienced as magical, (especially if you're a kid!) meditative, transformative, playful, and healing.  This builds connection with our intuition, our collective human wisdom, and our Mother Earth.  Or, if you like science, it enhances right brain activity.

You can carry a dream or a question into the Barefoot Labyrinth, perhaps find a message, and leave a talisman to add to a communal testament of everyone who has walked it.


Started ceramic sculpture with Susan Milne in the 80’s.Associate Diploma Fine Arts Seaforth TAFE 1994, BFA (hons) sculpture & installation  COFA (UNSW), MFA  COFA incomplete (health issues).  Various exhibitions and prizes including Mosman Art Prize finalist (Margaret Olley – judge)