Holly Denshire-Key


is an immersive work that invites the viewer to walk underneath a flock of brightly coloured kites suspended in an outdoor walkway. These kites depict a flock of birds moving in unison. As the kites sway and move in the breeze a ripple affect is sent through the flock changing the orientation of the birds.

Undercurrent shifts with rain, wind, sunlight and darkness demonstrating the connectivity of environmental systems. The aim of this work is to encourage curiosity and attention to detail within the viewer.

While some birds look almost identical, a keen eye will detect subtle shifts in colour, shape and size that distinguish different species. Use the twitchers guide displayed next to the work, to identify as many species as you can and record your findings. Happy spotting!


My practice is inspired by water systems and the abundance of wildlife that use them as their lifeblood. My work explores the form and function of systems found in natural environments and investigates human’s adaptation of these systems in the built world. Examining notions of repetition and symmetry, I create modular works that discuss connectivity and balance between nature and the human made. Applying a kinesthetic methodology allows me to experiment with traditional printmaking processes in a number of media.

In my latest work, Undercurrent, I use subtle shifts in colour and shape to depict a flock of parrots that when viewed from below resemble a tidal scene.