Eunice McAllister


Avalon Menagerie
Avalon Menagerie uses images of rocks from North Avalon Beach and reconfigures them into animals, some recognisable and others not so readily.  After the event, people may recall the images when they’re out walking on that part of the beach.  In the same way that our perception of ourselves changes when we wear a carnival mask, masquerading these rocks as living creatures opens up creative possibilities for these and other things we generally consider to be ordinary.  The “children” materialising from the brick, a substance we associate with institutionalisation, also reference the evolution of the ordinary into a work of the imagination, freeing the material of its conventional connotation.  I thought it might be a good idea to have a competition for kids small or large to give names to the animals and/or provide a creative backstory to each. 


Eunice McAllister is an artist who lives on Scotland Island in Pittwater and works mainly in digital photographic collage.  She migrated to Australia in 1982 from the US and completed degrees at the College of Fine Arts in 2000 at the age of 52.  She has had work in many shows, particularly on the northern beaches.  She also pursues interests in lapidary, metal and glass work which dovetail with her photographic works.  Her website is where her images and artistic progress can be viewed and enquiries made.