Carolyn Haywood


Carni Capers
Many adults and older children believe they are "just not creative." As both an artist and educator, I challenge this idea! By inviting the public to draw in a carnival like immersive darkened space, the inhibition felt by many when asked to draw is subverted. However, the cloak of darkness with its inherent veil of identity, and the camaraderie of the festival atmosphere sets the stage for some creative risk-taking. "Carni Capers" will be an immersive and interactive installation which invites visitors to explore the darkened enclosed space where they will lit by ultra violet light. As they enter the space they will be given glow in the dark and/or fluorescent pavement chalk and invited to draw on the chalkboard walls. Visitors can take a "selfie" with their glowing drawings, which can be uploaded to an Instagram gallery, sharing the event further with friends and community.


Carolyn is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist. She has a special interest in the development of creativity, a continuing career in early childhood education and is qualified both in Early Childhood Education and Fine Arts. She enjoys bringing creative opportunities to the public.

Much of her art practice concerns itself with connection to place, identity, generational belonging, and the relationship of perception and creativity to these. Environmental, humanitarian and social themes are other areas she continues to explore. Also a writer, Carolyn enjoys working in layers of meaning both visually and conceptually.

Carolyn has participated in:

            Public art events: RAFT and Moses Australis in collaboration with Christina Frank and Anna Harris, On Islands Festival, Eramboo, 2014

            Exhibitions: 5 group exhibitions (2008-2014, K Gallery)

            Published: two small self-illustrated poetry books, “A Creative Life” and “Rivergums: Family Land”