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Dating Game

I love reading about philosophy - it helps me understand my place in the world a little bit more and helps me articulate my thoughts. Galileo represented someone who trusted his own beliefs despite the naysayers. He's not a depiction of someone perfect rather someone who stuck to his guns even though his ideas may have seemed ridiculous and landed him in a fair bit of trouble. It's personal to me because I have this constant internal dialogue that sounds a little bit like "Amy, you should've trusted your intuition" or "you should've/ would've/ could've done that" ( Not that I plan on making any revolutionary discoveries or inventions any time soon)

We can all get lost in trying to back up what we're doing with some form of empirical evidence instead of focusing on the fun stuff - like cool little goldfish who forget everything every three seconds. Ignorance is bliss.

Dating Game:
Dating is funny and at some point we’ve all been on the giving or receiving end of some or all of these words of advice, rejection or love. It’s all a bit confusing and nothing really adds up – just like dating. 


Amy is a Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate student at UNSW Art & Design majoring in painting and drawing. Her art is an outward representation of her internal world and observations of the way humans are or can be -  although her work is tongue-in-cheek and a bit nonsensical it is deeply personal.